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About Meta Force

Meta Force is a pioneering global cryptocurrency ecosystem engineered using blockchain technology and smart contracts, featuring the largest Web3 community with over two million members. This platform delivers an array of infrastructure and marketing solutions, encompassing an exclusive metaverse and interactive, gamified NFTs. Meta Force is dedicated to the methodical rollout of a broad spectrum of projects detailed in its strategic roadmap.

The platform's official website:

Meta Force introduces a suite of decentralized solutions that empower participants beyond just earning potential. Our ecosystem unlocks exclusive experiences within the metaverse while facilitating the advancement of skills in forefront technological sectors.

Meta Force offers a diverse array of tokens, ranging from Royalty NFTs and Energy Tokens to Forcecoin and beyond, designed for different ecosystem programs and products. These tokens unlock special opportunities such as loyalty program participation, NFT enhancements, and income from system activities. Every token is key, fostering user engagement and bolstering the Meta Force economy.

We are pioneers in creating complex decentralized architectures related to NFT gamification, integrated into marketing and financial structure. Thanks to this, we offer a unique experience that brings users real income.
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Meta Force community

Meta Force is a leading cryptocurrency community with over 2 million members worldwide that continues to grow actively. The main audience of the project is concentrated in India, China, as well as in other countries of Asia and Europe.
Meta Force Ecosystem

Meta Force's ecosystem is structured around four foundational product pillars, each emblematic of a natural element: Uniteverse (Earth), Tactile (Air), Boost (Fire), and OverReal (Water). Royalty (Space), the quintessential fifth element, binds these together, enabling a distinctive synergy among the elements.

Furthermore, Uniteverse and Tactile are essential for gaining access to Royalty NFTs, enabling their progression and improvement. They also serve as the basis for rewards accessible in the Royalty scheme.
Royalty represents a digital asset, structured as a gamified NFT, offering the opportunity to generate income based on the platform's revenue.

Uniteverse stands as a keycomponent of the Meta Force ecosystem, bridging the gap between users and the Metaverse through its affiliate program. Beyond facilitating exploration and interaction within its virtual landscape, the platform introduces opportunities for income and status elevation via Uniteverse GameAf

Uniteverse is a gateway for business development, education, and networking. This program also grants direct entry into the vast opportunities available within the Metaverse.

The economic framework of this ecosystem relies on Forcecoin, a currency integral to all Meta Force products. Initial access to this currency is uniquely available through involvement in Uniteverse, a program designed to unlock both financial benefits and exclusive access within the Metaverse.

Tactile is a unique program that embodies the essence of Earth, bridging the digital with the tangible. It allows users to invest in NFTs, which can be seamlessly exchanged for physical items, dissolving the divide between our reality and the metaverse.

Boost reflects the fiery element, offering a special haven within the Meta Force Metaverse for engaging with NFTs ready for play or staking. In this space, users can venture into various gaming realms, earn passive income, and become integral to the Meta Force community.

OverReal draws inspiration from water, reimagining gameplay by fusing virtual experiences with real-life adventures, thus extending gaming beyond the Metaverse into everyday activities.
Together, the layers of the Meta Force metaverse work in harmony, each enhancing and enriching the overall experience.

Product Tools and Services

In addition, services and tools form a vital part of the ecosystem, simplifying the user's journey across the platform and enhancing their experience:

  • Force System: A cornerstone management platform, it facilitates seamless interactions across the ecosystem's products.

  • Social Force: A vibrant social network for idea sharing and community engagement.

  • Marketplace: A place dedicated to the trading of digital assets, including all the internal NFTs.

  • SWAP: a tool for exchanging cryptocurrencies within the ecosystem.

  • Academy: An educational hub aimed at boosting users' expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, guiding them through the ecosystem.

  • Change Bridge: A tool simplifying the incorporation of traditional gaming into blockchain, enabling the exchange of currency and game assets.

  • Mobile Wallet: An app for cryptocurrency management and blockchain DApps access.
Meta Force’ Products: Tactile

Tactile is a unique direction in the Meta Force ecosystem, where the digital realm gracefully intersects with the physical. It offers users the chance to acquire NFTs that extend beyond traditional digital assets, serving as a bridge to the tangible world. These NFTs can be exchanged for physical merchandise, merging the virtual and real domains in a harmonious blend.

Main directions of Tactile:

- Tactile Goods is a line of products available for purchase on the marketplace, including consumer goods - from cosmetics and tea to jewelry and clothing. Tactile Goods are virtual assets you need in the metaverse, some of which are backed by physical equivalents in the real world. Each NFT, depending on the category, can be used in the metaverse, for example, to upgrade your avatar, earn money on the marketplace and in the Force System, or exchange it for a physical product. Unpacked NFTs can be staked, and after unpacking they can be traded.

- Tactile Loyalty is a loyalty program that allows users to earn additional income in the form of cashback for purchases made by them or their referrals on the marketplace. The amount of cashback directly depends on the user's level in Tactile GameAf.

- Tactile GameAf is a program where users can increase their level and, accordingly, their earning potential and privileges in the Meta Force ecosystem. The level in Tactile GameAf affects the conditions for receiving cashback and the available benefits within the loyalty program. This program is a powerful tool for creating additional income.

Tactile is also closely integrated with other tools in the ecosystem, including an NFT marketplace, a staking platform that allows users to earn money on NFTs, and integration with other Meta Force services.

This direction not only expands the boundaries of NFT usage, but also contributes to the formation of a unique user experience, combining digital and physical aspects of their lives.

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TR Tokens

In the Meta Force ecosystem, participants can earn income through TR tokens (rating tokens), which are awarded for activating levels in the Tactile (Classic) program. It is important to understand the benefits of accumulating TR for yourself, as well as for your referrals and their referrals, as this affects your overall income.

With the launch of the Loyalty and cashback token programs, TR accrual for slot activation will be discontinued and it will be time to summarize the results for Forcecoin distribution among the participants.

Two key indicators are used to calculate your share in the Forcecoin distribution: TRC and TRCC. TRC is calculated based on the sum of your personal TR, the TR of your referrals, and the TR of their referrals. TRCC determines the amount of Forcecoin you receive, affecting your final share in the distribution. Each personal TR increases your TRC three times, ensuring a strong impact on your final share of Forcecoin.

TR received from direct referrals also play a key role, especially the first three referrals with the highest number of TR. This mechanism supports active network interaction and encourages you to expand your influence in the ecosystem.

Please note that you need to have enough Forcecoin to account for your share. If your TRC exceeds your Forcecoin, your TRCC will be equal to the number of Forcecoin you have. This ensures fair distribution among participants who actively participate in the ecosystem and contribute to its development.


To maximize the benefits from the distribution, you need as much as possible:

✔️ Personal TR (but this requires initial activations)
✔️ TR of your personally invited (from at least 3 partners)
✔️ TR from those invited by your invitees (counting from 3 partners)
✔️ Forcecoins in your balance

Meta Force’ Products: Uniteverse

Uniteverse serves as the foundational program of the ecosystem, acting as a critical link connecting users with the Metaverse. Within the Metaverse itself unfolds a world that closely mirrors reality, built on the principles of decentralization.

In this virtual realm, as in the real world, there are various levels of access and influence. These levels can depend on users' initial resources, their achievements, efforts accumulated, and inherited assets. It's crucial to note that access level in the Metaverse is determined by the user's level within the Uniteverse program.

Intensive development is fueled by the efforts of active participants, thanks to Uniteverse GameAf — a unique affiliate program that offers nearly 100% payouts back into the network. This means that almost the entire turnover becomes the income of its participants. Additionally, a portion of the profits from the Uniteverse program is directed into the Royalty Reward Pool, intended for Royalty NFT owners.

Uniteverse enables the mining of the Forcecoin currency using Multimining technology, which forms the economic foundation of the entire Metaverse. In the first version of the Metaverse, before listing, the Forcecoin can only be obtained exclusively through the Uniteverse GameAf program.

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  • A significant portion of affiliate turnover is directed into the participant network, amounting to nearly 100%;
  • The principle of maximum decentralization ensures the reliability and transparency of operations;
  • Collaboration and mutual support among participants open up wide opportunities for mutually beneficial exchanges;
  • The long-term development strategy is aimed at sustainably strengthening the ecosystem.

Levels in the program start from 50 DAI, providing users access to the corresponding Coinset level — this means the ability to distribute and purchase Forcecoin within a set limit.

From the moment Forcecoin (MFS) appears on the open market, all products and programs of the Meta Force system operate based on this coin. Uniteverse levels transform into access levels to the metaverse.


The Neo Dao Metaverse, also known as the Metaverse or Virtual World, is a separate product within Meta Force. This metaverse is integrated with product lines such as Uniteverse, Tactile, Boost, and Overreal.
The Meta Force platform's Metaverse opens a world of unlimited possibilities to its users. Here, one can purchase real estate, make new acquaintances, establish enterprises, find employment, and shop.

This virtual space includes gaming arenas that allow the formation of strong teams for joint adventures. Meta Force participants are given a unique opportunity to become pioneers and builders of a new world, developing a decentralized ecosystem while generating income.

What is MANA in Metaverse?
MANA — assets in the Metaverse with the potential for market value growth. These assets, including land and real estate in the Metaverse, have significant potential for value appreciation as the virtual world develops. MANA offers users opportunities for investment and capital growth.

Metaverse Gameplay

Neo Dao is an advanced virtual world, offering players an immersive journey into the depths of a metaverse that mirrors reality. Set in a not-too-distant future, it invites players to guide their avatars through the detailed terrains of an uncharted planet.

Opportunities Abound

In this virtual world, embark on a thrilling voyage of untold possibilities and challenges! Find sanctuary and comfort within the walls of the City, or venture into the relentless wilds of the Sly Desert for quests, resources, and trials unlike any other.

Conquest, Commerce, and Survival

Clash in battles where prestige is on the line, dance your way into the spotlight, and carve out your economic empire – from owning prime real estate to cultivating exotic resources. Immerse yourself in a world where your avatar's sleep, hunger, and thirst must be managed for true survival.

Professions and Crafts:

Avatars can toil in mines and factories to gather resources and earn income, while robots handle the more complex tasks. Hospitals offer services to enhance character stats and revive you after in-game death.

In-Game Economy:

The Metaverse operates on a three-currency system: Forcecoin (MFS), Sun Coin (HC), and Moon Coin (SC). These currencies facilitate seamless transactions, purchases, and other gameplay actions. The Metaverse also integrates with a marketplace for exclusive NFTs, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade their unique items (assets). All transactions are secured by smart contracts, ensuring transparency and reliability. Ownership and other data for these assets are directly linked to players' virtual wallets.

Building a Community

Social interaction and community building are encouraged: players can form guilds, complete quests, and bolster their influence within the City. The Planet's rich history unfolds as humanity explores a world teeming with unprecedented biodiversity and uncharted resources.

Invitation to the Metaverse
The Metaverse, a platform for business creation, exploration, and thriving within a boundless virtual world, invites you to embrace endless possibilities, compete, and earn on the new digital frontier of human existence.

In an era increasingly defined by digital integration, Meta Force equips its users with cutting-edge tools that reflect contemporary trends. Enabling the creation of virtual conference halls and discussion forums within the Metaverse, it facilitates spaces dedicated to thematic dialogues, forums, and conferences. This advancement ushers in boundless opportunities for the Meta Force community to engage in dialogue and collaborate effectively.
Meta Force Economics

  • Royalty Tokens: These NFTs distribute rewards from the ecosystem's revenue, motivating long-term participation.

  • Energy Tokens: Essential for carrying out transactions and leveling up statuses, they play a crucial role in sustaining user engagement.

  • Forcecoin: This is the fundamental currency for all exchange and investment endeavors within the Meta Force environment.

  • HMFS: Represents a staking-backed variant of Forcecoin, introducing an additional layer of investment potential.

  • Cashback Tokens: Designed to reward users for their NFT acquisitions within the Tactile Loyalty program, enhancing user benefits.

These tokens collectively enrich the ecosystem's interactivity, presenting users with diverse engagement and reward mechanisms.

The Royalty status program is implemented in the NFT format and is designed to accrue bonuses within the Meta Force ecosystem.

Royalty NFTs allow participants to receive a share of the platform's trading turnover, with the size of the bonuses directly dependent on the status of your NFT. There are a total of 7 such statuses, and the higher the level, the greater the bonus.

Royalty NFT statuses are upgraded with Energy tokens
Upgrading to the 1st status is achieved with Energy. You will need 3,500 Energy tokens to reach the first status - Activator. But first and foremost, you must obtain Just NFT.

What is Just NFT?
Just NFT (or Level 0 NFT) is your starting point in the Royalty system. You can obtain Just NFT by reaching a certain level in other Meta Force programs — specifically, level 5 in Tactile and level 3 in Uniteverse. After this, you will be able to mint Just NFT and begin its upgrade process.

Just NFT Upgrading
To upgrade your Just NFT to the first level and start earning Royalty profits, you will need 3500 Energy tokens. Once the Just NFT reaches the first level (Activator), you not only start making a profit, but you also receive an additional Just NFT.

Elevating Royalty Tiers for Enhanced Rewards
To ascend through the ranks of the Royalty system and boost your potential earnings, gathering three Royalty NFTs of any tier is imperative. The amalgamation of these NFTs propels you to a loftier NFT level. Beyond amplifying your financial gains, this mechanism deepens your connectivity with the Meta Force ecosystem.

In essence, the Royalty NFT pathway offers a structured blueprint for participant advancement. It begins with the initial step of securing a Just NFT and progresses through strategic Energy investments to level up, ultimately leading to increased earnings through the strategic merging of NFTs. This framework incentivizes sustained engagement and evolution within the ecosystem, rewarding active contributors with both progression and profit.

You can learn more about Royalty NFT in the following videos and slides.

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This mechanism represents one of the earning opportunities for Meta Force participants. By using Energy, users can upgrade their Royalty NFTs, thereby increasing their statuses in the system. With higher status, participants gain access to bonuses from the global Meta Force turnover.

The primary way to earn Energy in the Meta Force ecosystem is by purchasing levels in Uniteverse.

To maintain economic stability in the system, the Energy token is subject to certain restrictions: it cannot be transferred to other wallets or sold. However, after upgrading an NFT with Energy, the NFT itself can be sold.

Acquiring such an NFT, the new owner can combine it with their own NFT, leading to a merger of their Energy. As a result, the upgraded NFT will reflect the total amount of Energy, opening additional prospects for increasing status and receiving rewards in the system.


Forcecoin is the core of the Meta Force economy. The coin offers participants the opportunity to make transactions in the metaverse and earn income through the GameAf affiliate network. This digital asset plays a key role in ensuring the operation and interaction within the ecosystem.

Purchase Forcecoin
In the initial stages of the project's development, Forcecoin is available only through the multi-mining process in the Uniteverse program. This mechanism allows users to actively participate in the life of the ecosystem and be rewarded for their contribution. After Forcecoin is listed on the open market, the ability to mine it in Uniteverse will cease, and all undistributed coins will be burned. The acquisition of MFS will become possible exclusively through purchases on exchanges.

Forcecoin tokenomics are designed to ensure a gradual increase in its scarcity and, as a result, its value. The creation of new coins is pre-excluded by the smart contract, guaranteeing their limited supply. This model contributes to the stabilization and gradual increase in demand and value of Forcecoin in the long term.

Forcecoin Tokenomics

Initially, the maximum amount of Forcecoin was
585,142,858 coins.

After burning MFS tokens not mined through multimining on May 11, 2024, the total supply was reduced to 422,591,056 coins.


80% will be directed to the Uniteverse program.

The remaining funds will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% liquidity listing

  • 5% Metaverse development and funding

  • 3% team and consultants (unlocked over 5 years)

  • 2% other

This reserve will have a strict set of tasks, after which unused coins will be burned. Thus, each action in the Meta Force tokenomics has a sound basis.

After the Force coin is released on the open market, the remaining supply for Uniteverse will be burned. Obtaining Forcecoin through Uniteverse will no longer be possible. In the future, MFS will only be available for purchase on the open market.

The creation of new Forcecoins is excluded in advance due to the algorithm embedded in the smart contract. This ensures an inevitable increase in the scarcity of the coin over time, maintaining its value and demand.

Forcecoin Presentation (soon)

For a more detailed understanding of Forcecoin tokenomics, we recommend exploring the slides as well as watching the video.

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Forcecoin Potential

At the initial stage, the price of Forcecoin started from 0.25 DAI and will grow according to a special algorithm set in the smart contract, which protects against pump & dump manipulations.

This model encourages participants to focus on the long-term development of the project. Until the coin is released on the open market, its value is regulated decentrally, through a mechanism similar to halving, but without abrupt changes, to facilitate a gradual increase in price.

At the time of this article's writing, the price of 1 MFS = 1.3 DAI


Forcecoin does not use traditional mining, which requires significant computational and electrical resources.

Instead, it uses the concept of "multi-mining", which is based on participation in a multi-level marketing program.

This process involves active interaction between participants in the system. The essence is that the participant purchases ecosystem coins in the form of blocks and microblocks. The minimum number of coins received within the framework of multi-mining is called "microblocks".

In the current Forcecoin model, microblocks are sold for 50 DAI each.

As the number of microblocks decreases, the price of Forcecoin continuously increases.
Activation of the first level by a participant leads to the issuance of a microblock and its further distribution across the affiliate network according to the marketing plan.

Opting for the comprehensive package at 100 DAI, participants are rewarded with an extra microblock, fueling both the ecosystem's vibrancy and the currency's valuation.

Coins earned through the multi-mining process are credited to the participant's wallet but remain frozen until the mining is fully done. This prevents immediate selling and encourages long-term participation in the ecosystem.
The whole package gives you a Tier activation and coins based on your program level, meaning you can get more coins as you move up.

With each new level and the purchase of a full package, the cost doubles, as does the number of coins for distribution and in the coinset, supporting a progressive structure of engagement and contribution to the network.

Multimining in numbers 
Total MFS Emission: 422 million

Uniteverse Share: 80% (338 million)

Multi-mining in the Uniteverse Program
Block Structure: Large blocks and microblocks.
  • Large blocks contain 10 microblocks each.
  • Microblocks determine the amount of Forcecoin allocated for the purchase of 1 Tier.

Microblock Construction Examples
First Microblock:
  • Price: 0.25 DAI for 200 Forcecoin
  • Volume: 29 million Forcecoin
  • After the sale, the price decreases algorithmically.

Second Microblock:
  • Price: 0.266524 DAI for 187.6 Forcecoin
  • Volume: 28 million Forcecoin
And further in the same manner.

Price Dynamics
  • As the microblock decreases, the number of Forcecoin received for 50 DAI decreases and the price increases.
  • After the completion of the 10th microblock, the next large block begins, continuing the price change trend.

Pricing Goal
  • Target price: Bring it to 1.48 DAI per Forcecoin.
  • Public release: Enter the market at a price of 1.48 DAI.
  • This will mark the end of the multi-mining period and the beginning of the coin listing on the market.
This will mean the end of the multi-mining period and the beginning of the coin’s listing on the market.

At the time of this article's writing of 1 MFS = 1.3 DAI


The HMFS (Hold MFS) token in the Meta Force ecosystem acts as a wrapped version of the MFS token, with a 1:1 ratio between HMFS and MFS. Users receive HMFS tokens after participating in staking. The value of HMFS tokens depends on the staking period, with longer staking periods yielding higher value tokens. This allows participants to earn additional benefits for their loyalty and long-term investment in the system.

HMFS Principle of Operation:
Placing MFS tokens into staking rewards users with HMFS, featuring an index that spans from one month (HMFS) to eight months (HMFS₈), reflecting the commitment period. Beyond signaling staking duration, this index plays a pivotal role in determining the token's ecosystem value.

Utility and Advantages:
HMFS tokens serve multiple roles in Meta Force, notably in extending participatory levels within GameAf initiatives. Using HMFS for these purposes offers more favorable terms compared to other tokens, due to their value depending on the staking period.

Trading Prospects:
On Meta Force's proprietary CEX exchange, indexed HMFS tokens become tradable, with owners setting their sale orders, paving the way for profit optimization.

This setup not only fosters sustained investment in Meta Force but also equips users with versatile asset management tools, enhancing their programmatic standing.

Why Forcecoin will keep rising?
FAQ: Forcecoin
1. What is Forcecoin?

Forcecoin is the primary cryptocurrency of the Meta Force economy, built on the Polygon MATIC blockchain. It facilitates a wide range of transactions within the Metaverse and offers participants the opportunity to earn income through a network of affiliate programs.

2. What makes Forcecoin unique?

Forcecoin's uniqueness lies in its tokenomics, which are designed to create scarcity. The coin can only be obtained through a process called "multi-mining" on the Uniteverse platform before its release on the open market. An algorithm embedded in the smart contract ensures that no new coins will be minted, increasing the scarcity of MFS over time. Additionally, the coin is protected against pump-and-dump schemes.

3. What is the emission of Forcecoin?

The maximum emission of Forcecoin is 585,142,858 coins. 80% of these coins will be allocated to the Uniteverse program, with the remaining funds distributed for various purposes including marketing, listing, development, and the team.

4. How is the security of the Forcecoin network guaranteed?

The security of the Forcecoin network is achieved through the use of the Polygon MATIC blockchain, which is known for its high level of security and efficiency. The decentralized distributed ledger technology of the Polygon MATIC blockchain eliminates the possibility of centralized control and vulnerability to a single point of failure, thus increasing resilience.
Additionally, Forcecoin is implemented as an ERC-20 standard token. This allows the coin to interact with a multitude of applications and services on the Ethereum platform, expanding its functionality and facilitating integration into the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Cashback Tokens

Cashback tokens are digital assets used by the Tactile Loyalty loyalty program.

Cashback Token Basics:

What are Cashback Tokens? These are Polygon ERC-20 tokens equivalent to Forcecoin in a 1:1 ratio, functioning as wrapped Forcecoin.
Token Exchange: Token exchange takes place through specialized pools in the Meta Force system.

How does cashback work?

Calculation Basis: Cashback depends on the user's active level in Tactile GameAf.
Cashback Sources: Accrued from both personal purchases and purchases made by the user's referral network.
Accrual Conditions: With each primary purchase of an unpacked TG (Tactile Goods) NFT, if the user has an active level in Tactile GameAf.


Token expiration date: Some cashback tokens have a limited validity period. It is important to use them before the expiration date.

Cashback Rewards

Level-Linked Benefits: The rate of cashback a user can receive directly depends on their level in Tactile GameAf, starting from 10% and increasing with the level of participation. This Loyalty Program is designed to stimulate user activity within the Meta Force ecosystem, offering them the chance to earn additional bonuses for making purchases and expanding their referral network.

Video Tutorial: How to Register in Uniteverse through Metamask Web
Video Tutorial: How to Register in Uniteverse through Metamask Mobile

Meta Force's roadmap outlines an intricate blueprint for the project's evolution, spotlighting its ambitions, strategies, and milestones reached. This strategic guide charts the phased roll-out of essential tools and functionalities, all aimed at augmenting the user experience, safeguarding the ecosystem, and ensuring its utility.

Our goal is to create a space where users can perform all necessary operations within a single platform, eliminating the need for external services.


Tactile merges the virtual and real worlds within the Meta Force ecosystem, offering users NFTs that can be exchanged for physical goods. Tactile initiatives include:

Tactile Goods: a range of NFT products available on the marketplace.
Tactile Loyalty: a program for earning cashback from initial purchases on the marketplace.
Tactile GameAf (formerly Tactile Matrix): a program for leveling up and gaining various advantages.

Tactile offers unique opportunities for metaverse users. They can interact with the virtual world, earn, and level up their avatar. Tactile blurs the line between digital and real, enabling users to pair NFTs with physical goods and earn additional income through staking and NFT trading.


The Royalty program is a unique NFT-based rewards program that offers participants bonuses from the ecosystem's turnover. The program includes various status levels, allowing users to receive rewards depending on their activity and contribution.


Uniteverse is a key element of the Meta Force ecosystem, connecting users to the Metaverse through an innovative affiliate program.
The platform offers functionalities beyond just exploring and interacting in a virtual world. It provides mechanisms for earning and increasing status through Uniteverse GameAf.
Within Uniteverse, the concept of multi-mining allows participants to actively engage with the ecosystem by acquiring Forcecoin. This process grants users the unique opportunity to directly participate in the expansion of the ecosystem.


The Marketplace is a platform for trading NFTs, where users can buy and sell a variety of digital assets, including Royalty NFTs and Tactile Goods. The marketplace is open to everyone, not just members of the Meta Force ecosystem. It offers a safe and convenient space for buying, selling, and exchanging digital assets, contributing to the project's dynamic economy and simplifying the circulation of value within the ecosystem.


For optimal user experience in managing assets, Meta Force has introduced its own SWAP exchange, seamlessly woven into the ecosystem. This feature enables users to effortlessly swap a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens right on the platform.


SSO (Single Sign-On): Unified login system, providing users with the ability to access all Meta Force services and applications through a single account

Mobile Wallet

Meta Force's Mobile Wallet introduces an intuitive and secure method for cryptocurrency transactions, enabling seamless storage, sending, and receipt directly via your mobile device.

Adhering to its meticulously planned roadmap, Meta Force ensures a progressive augmentation of its product portfolio, promising a structured and ongoing enhancement of offerings.

1. FAQ: Why Meta Force Stands Apart from Financial Pyramids

Understanding the Ponzi Scheme:

A Ponzi scheme operates as a deceptive financial model that sustains payouts to earlier participants through the capital of recent investors. This system is inherently flawed and destined for collapse, primarily because:

It relies on centralized control, which grants the orchestrator of the scheme the power to halt disbursements and abscond with the pool of collected funds.
The scheme's perpetual functionality is mathematically unfeasible, given that it eventually runs dry of fresh investment inflows.

Why Meta Force is not a Ponzi scheme?

Here the key differences:

  • Direct transactions: All transactions in Meta Force take place directly between users, without intermediaries or accumulation of funds in a centralized "reserve."

  • Transparent smart contract: The Meta Force smart contract is designed to always have a zero balance, eliminating the possibility of administrative interference in financial flows.

  • Decentralized structure: Meta Force is completely decentralized, with no single administrator who could unilaterally terminate the project.

  • Real value: Meta Force is based on tangible digital products and services, such as Uniteverse, Royalty, Tactile, and the virtual world, which provide users with real value and earning opportunities.

Does Meta Force have a product?

Yes, Meta Force is more than just another crypto project. It is an entire ecosystem offering a wide range of products with real value and practical applications.

Meta Force Products and Services:

Uniteverse: A metaverse earning program where users can play and earn through a multi-level marketing program.

Tactile and Tactile Goods: A line of virtual and physical goods available as NFTs, creating a unique bridge between the digital and real worlds.

Boost: A gaming zone in the metaverse where users can purchase NFTs for immediate play or stake them to earn passive income.

Overreal: A revolutionary fusion of gaming experience combining elements of the virtual and real worlds.

Royalty: An NFT-based loyalty program offering bonuses and rewards.

Forcecoin: The ecosystem's main cryptocurrency used for transactions within the metaverse and earning income from the affiliate network.

Metaverse: A virtual world offering endless possibilities for business creation, exploration, and interaction.

Marketplace: A platform for secure NFT trading, facilitating the buying, selling, and exchanging of digital assets.

Meta Force emphasizes creating real value for its users through its products and services.

Do Old Participants Earn from New Participants in Meta Force?

In Meta Force, there is no direct dependency of earnings on attracting new participants. The system is designed in a way that each participant has equal opportunities to earn through active participation in the ecosystem and using its products.

Regardless of the time of joining the project, everyone has a chance for success based on personal efforts and contribution to the development of the community.

In conclusion:

Meta Force is a decentralized ecosystem with clear working mechanisms and the provision of real digital products and services.

The project is based on the principles of blockchain technology, which guarantee:

  • Transparency: All operations in the system are recorded in an immutable distributed ledger, which ensures that information is available to all participants.

  • Security: The decentralized architecture and cryptographic protection methods ensure a high level of data and transaction security.

  • Equal opportunities: Each project participant has equal access to tools and resources.

2. FAQ: General

What is Meta Force?

Meta Force is an online platform built on Web3 technology. It is a fully decentralized ecosystem accessible to everyone. Meta Force combines various cryptocurrency tools into a single ecosystem where all elements are interconnected and ensure fast and organic implementation of ideas.

Is Meta Force an authorized company?

Indeed, Meta Force operates as a formally established entity, holding a cryptocurrency license for Forcecoin. This certification underscores the MFS coin's authenticity and its adherence to the regulatory standards governing the cryptocurrency domain.

Why is Meta Force Secure?

Meta Force utilizes blockchain technology to ensure a high level of security. Users do not need to provide personal information; instead, they use their public Web3 wallet addresses as login identifiers, which also guarantees anonymity. All operations within the Meta Force ecosystem are conducted through secure smart contracts, eliminating the possibility of external interference. The project's website only displays information stored on the blockchain.

What do I need to get started with Meta Force?

To start working with the Meta Force ecosystem, you will need a smartphone or laptop, as well as a cryptocurrency wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, or any reliable Web3 wallet). Additionally, you will need to have a certain amount of Matic tokens to cover the Polygon network fees and the desired amount in DAI to operate within the system.

What is the minimum amount of money needed to start earning?

You can start earning with 5 DAI, which is equivalent to 5$.

What is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is essentially a computerized protocol designed to facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. It enables the automation of financial transactions in a manner that eliminates reliance on third parties, ensuring a secure and dependable setting for financial dealings that operate autonomously.

Where are Meta Force's smart contracts located?

Details pertaining to the smart contracts are accessible at the homepage's footer. Alternatively, they can be reached via a provided link.

How to earn money in Meta Force?

For an in-depth understanding of earning opportunities in Meta Force, we recommend reading our detailed guides on Uniteverse, Royalty and Tactile GameAf programs in PDF format:

Home Page -> “Force Systems” -> “Аbout”,

What is Royalty?

Royalty is a unique rewards program implemented in the form of NFTs. The program includes 7 levels (statuses) of NFTs. The higher the status of your NFT, the higher the bonus. Royalty rewards are distributed among participants based on the total trading volume within the Meta Force ecosystem.

How can I get Royalty?

To receive Royalty, you need to reach level 5 in the Tactile GameAf system and level 3 in Uniteverse. After that, you will be able to mint a Just NFT or a zero-level NFT, which can be upgraded to level 7.

What should I do if my wallet has been stolen?

In this case, you need to contact the technical support service through the "Help" section with the topic "Extra". Our team will help you add an additional wallet. This process takes from 7 to 14 business days.

How can I get in touch with you?

Telegram: @MetaForce_EN.
Telegram: @Meta_force_TEC.

Inquiry in a private office. A chatbot for quick answers to common questions.

Email: [email protected]

3. Force System FAQ

1.Why can't I upgrade my NFTs with SFC and SFC2 tokens?

Currently, SFC and SFC2 tokens are disabled, and you cannot use them. We will inform you in our official group as soon as they are enabled.

2.Why can't I migrate my Royalty NFT to version 3?

The process for migrating from Version 2 to Version 3 is currently under development. It's a lengthy procedure as we need to consider many factors to create a fair process for our participants.

3.When can I migrate my Royalty NFT to version 3?

You will be able to migrate from version 2 to version 3 as soon as the development is completed.

4.Can I share my private key with someone?

NO! If someone asks for your secret phrase or private key, that is a scammer. Our admins and team members will never ask for it.

5.Can I change my wallet if my current wallet was stolen?

The main wallet replacement feature is currently in development. At the moment, you can only add an extra wallet.

6.Can I pay for a Tactile level from my Inner Balance?

No, you cannot. The inner balance is used only for Royalty NFT and Uniteverse.

7.Can I receive my Tactile profit to my inner balance?

No, you cannot. The inner balance is used only for Royalty NFT and Uniteverse.

8.How can I get a Royalty NFT?

You need to reach level 5 in Tactile and tier 3 in Uniteverse. After that, you will be able to mint a Just NFT.

9.Why is my reputation low?

Reputation is assessed based on two factors, which may consist of both simultaneously or just one of them.

  • The first factor considers personal tokens spent for NFT status increase, received as a result of activity in the system.
  • The second factor accounts for money spent on purchasing NFTs on the Marketplace, at the rate of 1$ to 1 Energy.

10.How can I increase my reputation?

Currently, you cannot upgrade your reputation.

11.What should I do when I receive a "Balance check MATIC" error?

This error usually appears when the Polygon chain is overloaded, and gas fees are too high. You should wait about 30 to 60 minutes and try again.

12.Why can't I buy ForceCoin?

To buy Force Coin, you need to have an active tier in Uniteverse.

13.How to extend my tier in Uniteverse?

You can only extend your Uniteverse tier with MFS. The sum of MFS for renewal equals 10 DAI. If you can't renew your tier with MFS at an 80% discount, you can always activate it again at full price. If you don't have any MFS, you can buy it while you have an active tier in Uniteverse. The sum of MFS for renewal equals 10 DAI.

14.What should I do if I have a "Transaction has been reverted by EVM" error during an operation?

You need to check if the transaction was approved or cancelled. You can do this on or in your wallet transaction history. If the transaction was cancelled, you need to copy the long error message and send it to the help centre.

15.What should I do if I see an "Internal JSON-RPC error"?

In this situation, you need to clear your cache and cookies and wait some time. If that doesn't help, please try changing the RPC node. You can do this with

16.What should I do if I receive an upgrade NFT error?

Try to upgrade your NFT with less Energy.